Front Squat Technique [VIDEO]

Developing proper front squat technique is critical not only for overall strength development, but it is a foundational element to more complex power movements, like the Squat-Clean.

In the video, you may be able to hear Raf barking verbal cues to Rico –  “Butt out, Knees out at the same time” and “Knees out as far as you can.”

Butt out helps to maintain a vertical shin, protecting you from “knee sheer” – basically, prevents your femur from collapsing forward against your knee cap and damaging the soft connective tissue in your knee.  If you experience chronic knee pain and have been doing squats for a long time, there is a good chance you have been eroding the soft tissue in your knee by not maintaining a vertical shin.  Immediately discontinue weighted squats and perfect your form doing air squats – see How To Improve Your Squat for instructions.

Knees out helps to create the torsion (torque) we are looking for – see Hozz’s explanation here: How to Generate Toqure For The Squat. 

Improvement areas for Rico on the Front Squat – his feet are straight(ish) but could be straighter.  This will help generate more torque, as he screws his feet into the ground and continually spreads his knees out.  Rico also suffers from slight posterior tilt – at the bottom of the squat, you can see his butt wrap downward.  Mark Rippetoe likes to say that your butt is “winking” at the floor.  Tight hamstrings are to blame – they pull hard at your sacrum (part of your hip) and throw off the integrity of your spine that is crucial in maintaining a healthy, athletic position.  Like always, more stretching can fix this problem.


  1. stevegibrolano

    The video posted is a warm-up set with 135#. The workout that followed was 5 front squats on the minute, every minute for 15 minutes. First 5 minutes was 135# and then we increased to 155# for the final 10 minutes. The heat and humidity added a new challenge to the already daunting task.

  2. Looks great. You gotta love Raff’s accent and camera work. It’s nice to know that JD doesn’t turn into complete shit when I’m gone for 1 day.

    Hozz Shabozz
    Head of Product Development/ Business Development/Marketing/ Social Media Engagement/ Community Managment/ Lead Photography/ GChat Captain/ Lucy Wardrobe/ Failed Celebrity Retweet Getter/ “Best shit on the internet” Believer/ Local Mozz

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